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Marijuana Decriminalization vs. Legalization in York

Discussion in 'Talk on the Street' started by Dallastown Online, Aug 15, 2017.

  1. Dallastown Online

    Dallastown Online Administrator

    Councilwoman Judy A. Ritter wants to let everyone know that York did NOT legalize marijuana. They voted and approved to decriminalize it.

    The 4-1 vote to pass an ordinance would reduce penalties for those nabbed with a small amount of marijuana. Instead of arrest, first offense is a $150 fine, second a $300 fine and third a $600 fine.

    This only applies to small amounts under an ounce. If you are caught carrying paraphernalia or more than one ounce of marijuana, you still arrest or criminal conviction.

    The ordinance goes into effect mid-October.

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