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Is the Borough Doing Enough to Build New Business Growth?

Discussion in 'Talk on the Street' started by Dallastown Online, Nov 9, 2017.


Is the Borough doing enough to build and nurture small business?

  1. Yes, plenty (I will explain below)

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  2. No, and why not?

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  3. Not sure. Is it important?

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  1. Dallastown Online

    Dallastown Online Administrator

    I look at surrounding towns and see far more in the way of small businesses. I have spoken with new business owners a while back saying that the Borough never even welcomed them and yet the Red Lion Borough reached out and offered their support.

    Parking is an issue in Dallastown and as such am disappointed that the lot across from the post office was used as a staging/storage are for materials instead of being purposed as a parking lot for local businesses. They could have used a stamp system where you would get free parking if you purchased something from a local business. Eco paving could have been used to reduce storm water run-off.

    What are your thoughts? Could we do more to promote and encourage small business growth in our quaint town?

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